iPhone augmented reality

ARGirl - the first marker based augmented reality on the iPhone and... it's extremly fun!!
Now even three ARGirls will show you 13 dance types right on your table!
ARGirl is the best way to amuse your friends and listen to your songs with AR dancing beauty!
Print AR marker


  • Detailed 3D models
  • Detection of song genre
  • Marker mode. You can simply draw marker on any surface. Even on your hand! Watch video on our web site if you don't believe!
  • No marker mode. If you don't have ready marker or pen you can choose no-marker mode and AR girl will dance on any surface.
  • Fast advanced AR marker recognition algorithm
  • To make a screenshot on your iPhone press and hold the Home button and quickly press the Power button


If you have a problem with ARGirl, please send us an email with detailed problem description, and we will help you as soon as possible.
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