Gravity Rider

Power Run

Start the engine and get on your ride! Travel through space and tackle new challenges on a variety of planets on the way to become the master Gravity Rider. Race to the finish as fast as you can, but watch out – jumps, ramps, elevators & twisted tracks pose some challenge! Balance your ride right, left, back and forth to always land safely. Can you make it to the finish line in one piece?


  • Swirling 3D tracks filled with physics puzzles & deadly traps.
  • Speed through colossal loops, narrow turns and take risky jumps.
  • Realistic physics-based engine: push blocks to build bridges, balance on ramps and time properly.
  • Race on the surface of gorgeous worlds in all corners of the universe.
  • A lengthy solo campaign with many challenges. Too easy? Try to get the 3 bonus objectives.
  • Compete against other riders, improve your time & score, dominate the leaderboards.
  • Customize to create the ultimate speed machine.